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Thread: The Salesman and Hämnden (The Revenge)

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    Default The Salesman and Hämnden (The Revenge)

    G'day all,

    I thought I would post some clips from my two films in Post production that I shot on a Canon XM2. All Clips are Quicktime H.264. I am interested in gaining some critical feedback on the material.

    Both the films are in Swedish. The fist clip is from my film Försäljaren (The Salesman) . This is a black comedy/social satire about a multinational company which actually feeds off its loyal customers and employees.

    It was filmed entirely on a Canon XM2 using the dreaded "Frame Mode", the XM2's psudeo verson of 24p:

    The next clips come from my film Hämnden (The Revenge) which deals with domestic violence. I shot in interlaced and use a Sony VX2000 as a 'B' camera.

    Link to the films official website teaser trailer:

    (24.9MB, 2min 16s, Quicktime H.264)

    The above site work best if viewed on Mozilla (Firefox) or Safari.

    The next link is to a clip of very, very beta test scenes. The sound is only an experiment of what the final design will be, at times it is a bit noisy. The CC is an experiment also. And the material here is only a 1/4 of the takes I have available. I should say to those who are not comfortable with violence that there is a vivid domestic violent scene (no blood) towards the end of this clip:

    (75.2MB, 6min 32s, Quicktime H.264)

    Sound recoded via a Røde Video Mic to Sharp MD. Edited Final Cut Pro. Sound edited on Sountrackpro, Sound Design on LogicPro.


    Janssen Herr
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    Smile Really good clips !!

    Well done Janssen your films look amazing!! I have been lurking around these forums for a while, and have seen alot of the stuff people are posting. But watching your test clips from your films really made me inspired to know more about how you made them!! So proffesional. What budget did yu have for hamnden?

    The quality is outstanding. As is the music. Did you compose the music?

    I am planning a short film this year to be shot on an HVX200. What sound equiptment can you suggest? What budget did you have to make the salesman and the revenge? Would love to know so much more about the productions. I love the hamnden website as well, really good slide show that shows behind the scenes of the film.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thank you BobCarr,

    Glad you enjoyed the clips. I am composing the music, but the compositions won't be finished until the final cut is made. We used a Røde Video microphone conected to a sharp MiniDisc.

    Goodluck with your film.


    Janssen Herr

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    Watched the first two, third later.

    That was excellent - very slick and polished. I cant wait to see the first film - great idea. Great cinematography in both clips.

    If I was being really critical then maybe the sound track in the second clip was a tiny bit over done to me. I loved that really slow pan in the woods and the guy was a good actor, he really looked scared. I liked the way you got the light in the woods - very thoughtful camera work.

    More more more !

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