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    Smile G5 help

    Hi there,

    I am new to macs and HDV too. i am use to editing dv footage in adobe premiere pro2, but with the purchase of a sony Z1 i want to take full advantage of the HDV aspect of it, so im migrating to macs!!!

    I was wondering if anyone could give any advice on a few things:

    Im looking at getting a second hand G5 powermac from ebay (UK) but im not too sure whats specs to get, but i dont want to spend a fortune, hence why im going second hand, so bare that in mind:-

    1.what processor should i be looking at? i have been looking at around 2.5GHZ, but is this necessary, or will 2GHZ be just as good - performance wise editing HDV footage! and whats the difference between dual core and quad?

    2. i was thinking of about 4gb ram, is this necessary?

    3. i wanted two hard-drives, obviously, but what sizes do u reccomend for both?

    4. on the software side of things... if i buy final cut studio, do i need anything else to put the hdv footage onto a dvd?

    5. i hear that u can get around 20mins of hdv footage onto a dvd, but how does this work and does it play on a normal dvd player?

    thanks for your advice,


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    1. The fastest you can afford but a mac or a pc can edit hdv

    2. No, unless you are loaded.

    3. The biggest you can afford.

    4. You cant play hdv off an 'ordinary' dvd, but you can store hdv on a dvd rom.

    5. You cant make hdv dvds unless you have a hdvd burner, 500 quid, and you would need a hdvd player to watch it.


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