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    I captured my clips in Premiere Pro 2 and then created my project with menus in Encore DVD 2.

    I am happy with the project and checked the project and all was ok.

    However, after I did the build to DVD and burnt it to DVD it is crap.

    Firstly there is no sound.

    The menus don't work as I expect them. No buttons work. If I step forward throughout the chapters sometimes instead of going to the next clip it goes to a menu.

    I checked everything in Encore in the preview mode and everything worked perfectly.Every button and chapter.

    Can someone explain what has happened.

    have I missed something.


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    I use both those apps and have never seen this happen.

    How do you burn your DVD though? Do you use Encore to do the burning for you or do you build the disk image or directory to your hard drive and get somedthing like Nero to do the burning. I always build my DVD directory in my hard drive (full of VOBs, IFOs etc) and then burn using Nero. If you do that then make sure you didn;t dio anythign silly like miss one of the files.

    Also, I wonder if it might just be a bad burn - after all the project is ok eh? If you brunt the disk using Encore then try doing the burn using another app just to see if the poroblem goes away. worth a try.


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