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Thread: Rough video playback

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    Default Rough video playback

    I'm using Video studio 10, and have had no problems with smooth playback during editing since I upgraded to 2 gig of ram...for wedding type video.
    Now I'm in the middle of editing a motorcycle stunt video and am having a real problem with skip during playback when I have anything like a complicated transition, or spit screen, overlays, etc.
    I'm running a new HP desktop with an AMD Athelon 3500+ processor, 250gig HD with still about 60gig free. I tried stopping all programs running in the background, defragging regularly, but still no luck.
    Can anyone recommend a hardware upgrade that might help? PLEASE!


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    This sounds to me like less of a hardware issue and more the fact that your video editing application does not feature real time playback of video effects. This is not unusual. Your editor may allow you to render out the effects.

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