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Thread: How to put HD .mov files to DVD

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    Default How to put HD .mov files to DVD

    Hey All

    Here is my situation. I own a video store and I want to create a DVD to play in store with all of movie trailers. I have downloaded a bunch of the High Def trailers from (Yes I have full permissions from all the studios) and I want to put them all together into a loop DVD to play in store.

    I just bought Adobe Premier Pro V7.0

    Couple problems

    First problem, some of the trailers have no sound when I import them to Premier Pro. I cant figure out why?!

    Secondly, how or what do I have to SAVE the file as to keep the tru High Definition of the trailers. I have tried a few of the options like AVI files, and they dont come out as clean as the original HD .mov file. I download the 1080p versions for the highest quality.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated THANK YOU!

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    Firstly, you will NOT be able to repserve full high def resoltuion if you are going to make a DVD of it. DVD are Standard Def only - if you want it to play in a DVD player.

    No sound? does the file play OK if you double click on it and play it using Apple's media player thingy? If it does then you may have impolrted it wrong or built your sequence in PPro wrong.

    I presume by v7 (which doesn't actually exist as we're only up to v2) you mean Premier Pro 1. PPro v1 is capable of building and burning a DVD but you will notbe able to put any menus on it but it doesn't sound like you want any anyways. Hopefully you will be able to specify auto-repeat though.

    As I recall PPro is quite capable of allowing MOV files so you shouldn't have any grief.

    Can you describe your PPro timeline/sequence in more detail and/or show us a screenshot of what you have. The answer may be obvious - especially if no sound layer exists

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    No high def on a regular DVD my apologies you are right I just mean I want to know what setting to use to export it as the absolute BEST quality I can get.

    The file plays perfect in my Quicktime, in PPro I go to File > Import then choose the files.

    When I go to my Help ? About it says V7.0, but if your saying there is no V7 then this is V1 haha

    Right now I am just trying them 1 trailer at a time, to find the perfect quality to go with (since rendering takes time) I will post a screenshot shortly.


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    Firstly, yes it is Premier Pro v1. It started as Premier v1 up to 6 and finally v6.5. The next version was called Premiere Pro. Generally referred to as v1 because it is, after all , the first version of Premiere Pro. However, Adobe did keep up their numbering system and the help/about does say v7 as I recall.

    As I hinted at before I'm not sure how to design and make a DVD from Premiere Pro. I believe all you can do is an auto-play DVD from Premiere Pro. I suspect you will need tobuild a single timeline and then 'export to DVD' in some form.

    As for your screen shot... I'm looking forward to that film myself
    As you can see in the timeline there is no sound. Right below the Video 1 layer you have the Audio 1 layer which is curiously empty. Hence no sound. Not sure where it's gone if all you did was drag and reop the .mov asset into the timeline. If it includes sound then you should have got both a 'block' for video and one for sound. Try dropping a copy on the 'Audio 1' layer. just guessing.

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