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Thread: cant find correct software

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    Default cant find correct software


    Im trying to find a software program that will cut out those annoying "tags" that some website put in the bottom corner of the video.

    Im trying to use select clips in a school project and some of the sites have put obscene names or urls in the corners and i was wondering

    Is there anyway to remove that, and if so what program

    thanks for the help!

    (and i will be making a MLA so its not some illegal stuff hah)

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    In order to remove the tag you would have to reproduce whatever is underneath. Needless to say, you can't invent the information on the fly so no s/w will be able to 'remove' the offending tags.

    However, any non-linear editor worth the name will allow you to place other stuff over the top.

    Having said that, illegal or not, if you had permission to use the clips you would have access to the originals and you wouldn't have the problem. No harm no foul I suppose but I would question your rights to use clips obtained online.

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