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Thread: editing camcorder DVDs

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    Default editing camcorder DVDs

    Can anyone help?

    I have been recording a few home videos using a Sony DVD92e camcorder and want to edit them, etc. but i can't import the files into Adobe Encore DVD software. Adobe's helpdesk have said that the files cannot be imported, full stop.

    The video have a number of file types. .IFO, .VOB & .BUP which are created when you finalise the DVD in the camcorder. I'm new to all this and so don't really know that much about the files, etc. I can watch the videos using WinDVD, or windows media player no problem.

    Does anyone know how i can get these videos into a format that i can start editing them. Any help would be most apreciated.


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    Please see question 10 of the FAQ at

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    Thanks, worked a treat

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