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Thread: Sony vegas slow Render problem

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    Default Sony vegas slow Render problem

    I have quite a bad problem in Sony vegas 7.0 . I try to render a video and it will get to a point and it will just go to a complete crawl, maybe about a frame every 10 secs. (generally frame 569 for no apprent reason) . I dont mind this too much as i can levae it on over night. But ive left it on multiple times and it just doesnt seem to render. It gets stuck at a certain percentage and will just move no furthur. The frame counter also goes to 0, when usually it will be counting up the frames that it is rendering. I cant see why it is so slow. I have a 2.4 GHz Dual core intel 2Gb ram and a fast hdd. I have tried rendering it in tons of differnt formats and ntoghin worked. I have tried uninstalling.

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    More details please- type of source video - does it do it on all renders - are you using many effects - and anything else?

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    oh yes sorry. I am using xvid (AVI), which i know has problems with vegas. But i used a program to change the fourcc to DivX so it was useable by vegas. Yes other renders worked fine, in factbefore i added quite a few clips, it was rendering fine , WITH the xvid AVI's. There are quite a few effects on there. Thanks alot for your reply

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    It is probably dodgy source material - I have had this happen a very few times when rendering stuff I have torrented or downloaded, it may just be a mangled bit of video. All can I think of doing to sort it out is trying to remove the part that 'may' be causing it.

    You might also try converting the xvid to a DV file and editing that as divx files can also be funny when editing.

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    okay, ill try removing the part that it stop on, whcih is usually the 51% marker. Is there any really good add on or codec/compressor for Vegas for dual core pcs. Also, i wouldnt really have to do this if i could just poreview it properly, but even on bad quality my 2GB doesnt seem to be up to it ( i have tried changing the amoput it uses in properties)

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    Unhappy Vegas gets [not responding] when saturated

    If it's not caused by FAT32 file system size limits or a bad encoded source video, it might be an issue about Vegas engine saturation.

    Vegas render engine gets saturated when there are clips with large frame sizes with too much effects on timeline.

    It's very easy to experiment it.
    1 Just open a new project.
    2 Insert a video track and set it's composition mode to 3D Alpha.
    3 Get a still image and put it on the track. (or pick a texture from Media Generators)
    4 Enter Track Motion and rotate the frame in any direction.
    5 Set the preview screen mode to Good (Auto).

    6 Press Play on timeline... It should play nice.

    7 Duplicate the track and play it again.
    8 Repeat step 7 until your Vegas gets saturated.

    While rendering a frame, Vegas ignores cancel commands. It waits the render engine to finish the frame and it executes your abort command while moving to the next frame.

    On my PC, I can have 8 tracks maximum. More than 8 gets Vegas into [Not Responding] status.

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