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Thread: Panasonic VDR-M55PP

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    Default Panasonic VDR-M55PP

    I am having real problems with this camera.... Its extremly difficult to get to upload and has horrible customer service. So I have turned to here.

    My problem is this, it may not be the camera at all but I really don't know. I use the provided software (DVD-MovieAlbumSE) to rip the videos to my comp. It works fine. They end up as mpeg files and each of them also has a mtv file labelled the exact same. Also, each time I upload them, it makes a folder, and in that folder, along with the above two types of files is a VRexport text file which only says the names of the files it successfully uploaded and a 'Playall' Windows Media Audio/Video playlist file.

    Now, my problem is, when I open up my POS Windows Movie Maker, which always works fine with everything else, the files will not import! It says unspecified error. However, if, when selecting the files to import I uncheck the 'Create clips for video files' box, they upload perfectly except the files are blank! Just black screen however the audio is intact and it still has the correct time for the clip... It doesnt make any sense other then, what I am guessing is the mpeg contains the audio and the mtv contains the video.

    Any ideas at all?


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    This is a DVD camera and the files from these types of models are notoriously hard to edit. Take a look at question 10 of the FAQ here:

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    Default help with VDR-M55PP

    I was wondering if you would happen to still have the software for this camera. I had a computer meltdown and have lost the hard copy of the software. I know this thread is old but I can't find the software anywhere.

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