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    Hi all, im an 18 y/o student at TTU. For a very long time i have aspired to take up film editing, and always have a short running through my mind... Im trying to pick a camera to save up for (and believe me im a poor college student, i have to save up)... I also dont have the money for adobe, but i do have adobe experience... I really would like to create artistic videos something like bill violas works... They are in my head, but learning to actually make it a reality is my challenge... If anyone has any suggestions on what i could do to begin work on making my own artistic videos... Including cameras i should buy, software i should download, or other things i might need, i would greatly appreciate it... Thanks

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    Get any cheap Mini DV camcorder (ebay?) That's Mini DV not Mini DVD. There's a big difference.

    import and edit using Windows Movie Maker which come free with XP.

    Alternatively, until you can afford deom s/w start downloading and going through the free trials of all the NLE available. If you do that you'll know which you like and which is best for you to fork out your hard earned (from a student? - Ed!) cash on.

    Or... From memory (because I'm too lazy to look for it right now) there's an article on this very site about video editign for free. Look for that!

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