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Thread: How do I create camera shake?

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    Default How do I create camera shake?

    im new to the forum but have been using premier for a while - im no expert but can find my way round it. Iwant to create some camera shake or random movement. I shot a Heavy Metal band from about 4 or 5 angles, unfortunately too many of these angles were shot using tripods and the footage from these fixed angles looks static and a bit boring.........

    any ideas how to make the footage look like it was shot by someone holding the camcorder - i.e it moves about a bit and gets the odd knock here and there.... I know i can use the motion section of the effects with toggles etc - just wondering if there is a quicker way to apply a random filter or the likes to create the look - the footage is around 1 hour long in total...

    any advice would be good.........

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    Default looks like im gonna have to do this manually then.........

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    The only option in premiere is to keyframe it manually, but this is not as bad as it sounds because the key frames can be copied and pasted.

    The first thing I would do is scale the footage up to about 110% so there are no no black edges on show as the footage moves. Switch on the keyframes for rotation and position and make a manual shake of about 5 or 6 keyframes over a second or 2 depending on how intense you want the look the paste them randomly throughout the footage you want to shake.

    Then create another set and paste them in between the first set. If the clip is long, you might have to adjust the odd one manually to give it a more random feel, but for rock band footage the clips will probably only be a couple of seconds each so it shouldn't notice to the viewer, even if you notice it.

    The wiggler in after effects is the tool to use for automated camera shake, if you have it or know someone who has it.
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    I just watched an elfen lied amv my friend made, he has that plugin, if you have aim add StolenSoul808 and ask him about it

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    Nice link Luke.

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    my friend had same effect but way different ill have to try and get the vid from him. cause his did 60 degree angle without those black borders appearin
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