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Thread: My Latest Video - Bhayam 2

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    Smile My Latest Video - Bhayam 2

    Hi All,
    Thanks for your comments on my previous video Bhayam. I am here again with another horror/thriller episode. It is a 7 minutes video. Please check it at
    Feedbacks, Suggestions and Comments are always welcome.

    Jagdish (Original Name : Ravi Vide)

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    You can download the full screen clarity version at

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    Okay, the acting's a bit wooden, the camerawork a bit shaky, the sound a bit muffled but I loved every minute of it! There's a lot of effort gone into the story and production, please keep making videos!

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    Thanks for watching the video. I am happy that you liked it. In my next video I will try to rectify the mistakes that I have made here.

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    Good story, and a convincingly spooky feel to it. I agree the acting could be much stronger. Also, Ravi, I think you should vary your camera angles more.

    Chillers often use dramatic viewpoints that unsettle the viewer – low down distorted views, looking up a main character’s torso – or shots looking down at the actors. Cut into the storyline, these incidental shots really do it for me, creating an atmosphere of real tension. You all seem to enjoy what you’re doing.

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    Tony, Thanks for those suggestions. They are very valuable to me.
    And Yes, We are enjoying every moment of movie making. While shooting, some times we get stomach-ache due to too much laughing. I think You can guess what's happening there.

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    Both films are really entertaining, although I would have liked subtitles to tell me what was happening in the first film's dialogue.

    I thought that the first film's shot selection was better than the second film's. Unless there was a deliberate intent, which I couldn't see a reason for, the opening sequence of 2's shots of the boy were too similar in angle and framing to work as well as they might. Using some tighter shots might enable you to speed up the cutting, too . . . never a bad idea, anyway.

    The whole thing was enjoyable, though . . . good to see original work, especially where the proponents obviously had fun doing it, too . . . !
    I try to make someone happy every day - but it may not be your turn today . . .

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    I think the only part of this one that I liked was the opening shot, It was cool how the entire door except for the lock was oversaturated, and then it opened. Had that shot set the pace for the rest of the film, it would have been much better, but I think you really need to lay off the scary sound effects, they are supposed to be used for dramatic intent, not as placeholders or as cover ups for bad audio on the tape.

    Also, what was the guy with a tarp over his head doing in the bathroom? i had to replay it to see what exactly was going on...
    Everybody Pays

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisG View Post
    . . . good to see original work, especially where the proponents obviously had fun doing it, too . . . !
    Hear Hear. And not a skateboard or bmx bike in sight! Enough said.

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    Thanks Chris and Fultron, Points noted.
    Fultron, I think you have to replay it again. It seems you did not understand the story :(

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