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Thread: canon dcr-hc35 or 44 or 46!?

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    Red face canon dcr-hc35 or 44 or 46!?

    My cam has packed up (canon mv 650i- basically I cant see anything copy anything as I cant get a picture up on the screen or viewfinder!) however it will play back what I have already recorded?
    I thought i would get a new camcorder , as it will probabbly be just as cheap, to buy new what with paying for a possible repair? . I have been looking at the canon dcr-hc 35 and the 44 and the 46! The prices are 199, for the 35, and about 260 ish for the other two! Im no great filmer! Basically I will just use it for holidays etc, I have looked at all the technical data etc! but to be honest, is the 44 or 46 "that" much better than the 35? The extra 60 odd isnt the issue really!, I would just like peoples opinions, on the different camcorders!
    OR!!!!!! would it be , advisable to buy another canon? (say a mv930?-thenIcan use my original 2 canon batteries!)
    You may have guessed im not at all technically minded! I basically just want the best camera for the price! Many thanks in advance!

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    I am even less technicall yminded and cannot offer any advice but would be keen to know where you saw the HC35 for 199. The best price I can find is Jessops at 219

    Cheers and good luck with your question!


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    saw the price on amazon

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    thanks to everybody for taking the time out to reply to my post.

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    good luck with the quest...i was shopping around for a mini dv cam and got a sony since i had sony hi-8
    my eventual choice was based on the tape and having dv in and out..

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