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Thread: Strange Playback Problem w/ DVD Architect-Vegas

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    Default Strange Playback Problem w/ DVD Architect-Vegas

    Interesting problem...

    I have a DVD... pretty much full with footage...

    I have 3 clips that were rendered in Vegas as DVD standard clips... they are smooth and perfect when played on the DVD player

    The rest of the clips were .wmv and .avi which were converted to .mpg ... on the computer they play fine, in the preview they play fine, when I burn them with architect the videos are blurry/choppy wherever there is movement.

    I tried converting the videos in Vegas to .mpg, but after 30 seconds the image freezes on the video, so I converted them with a different converter...

    Any ideas?

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    I'm trying to discern/unravel your question. At any point, did you convert from directly WMV directly to MPG?

    I'd introduce an interim step: WMV > AVI > MPG.

    Something is playing with the interpolation. Something that which is INTERLACE is being flagged as PROGRESSIVE - or the converse!

    Try a few frames of the dodgy movement this way. Wont take long to try.

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    I know it was interlaced trying to be progressive...

    I have some videos with some parts progressive and some parts interlaced (different scenes) and the progressive plays fine... I had full progressive videos and they played fine.

    I'm burning a DVD now, I had .avi's and .wmv's converted to .mpeg with "any Video Converter" then I had vegas convert it again back into .mpeg. I did a few test DVD's with single videos and it worked, but this is 6 videos...

    We'll see how it goes...

    And yes I tried going to .avi back into .mpeg (uncompressed .avi) and that's what I originally did for some of the clips

    The interlaced footage that was converted from .wmv and .avi to .mpeg was garbled. but the interlaced footage that I still had in the RAW DV .mpeg form, that was converted down in Vegas to .mpeg was perfect on the DVD

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    Now this is weird... a short 3:33 long video when converted... came out to be 3:32 and plays goofy on the DVD... but the other videos I had playing before play fine... but I see a lot of loss of quality that I didn't see before. probably from all the re-conversions I've done...

    The other videos I've had are playing perfect.. the mixed interlaced/progressive footage plays fine....

    Here's what we got...

    6 Clips
    1.) Interlaced 3:33- Garbled (Converted from .wmv to .mpeg(in converter) to .mpeg (in vegas)
    2.) Interlaced 2:04 - Perfect (Converted from a 320x240 .wmv to 720x480 .mpeg to mpeg (in vegas)
    3.) Interlaced/Progressive 17:14 - Perfect (Converted from a .wmv to .mpeg to .mpeg (in vegas)
    4.) Progressive 9:35 - Perfect (Converted from a raw .avi to .mpeg to .mpeg (In vegas)
    5.) Interlaced/Progressive 3:04 (Small clip of #3) and it's garbled... (Converted from .wmv to .mpeg to .mpeg(In vegas)
    6.) Interlaced 9:07 - Perfect (Converted from a 320x240 .wmv to 720x480 .mpeg to .mpeg (In vegas)

    When I render it in architect, it re-renders the audio but not the video.

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    And a last thing, I can convert videos from anything into anything in Vegas... except into mpeg.

    It stops converting part of the way through... and it'll skip to the last frame and display that.

    So I have to convert it in another program then back into vegas.

    I'll try converting them all into uncompressed .avi's and convert them with that other program into .mpegs and put those directly into DVD architect.

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    This is WELL beyond my abilities?!?!?! -

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    haha, ya I really don't know why... It's only interlaced footage that goes bad in the conversion... the thing is... it plays FINE on the computer, then once I burn it with DVD Architect (It even says it doesn't re-render the video) it gets garbled.

    Maybe I could convert the interlaced footage all to progressive?

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