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Thread: Teaching others how to fix noisy distorted vids

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    Default Teaching others how to fix noisy distorted vids

    Hy, can someone please show us the art of fixing noisy distorted vids.

    To be precise, show us the before & after video of one that you were able to make
    look better after removing pixelation and dots that should not be on the vid.
    And then tell us how they did it, and what video editor they used. Prefer just a short clip for viewing like between 2-10meg


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    The problem with this request is that its a lil too diverse.
    Distortion on video comes in diffrent forms and depending on how its been distorted will depend on the methods needed to clean it up. Generally if a video is really distorted or noisey it will never be crisp. Unless you have access to a broadcast studio with Smoke or Flame you will have to make do with the distortion!
    If you are having specific problems then as a question on that particular issue and we might be able to help.

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