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Thread: My latest video

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    Default My latest video

    This is a before and after vid of what i did this summer. Lots of work sweat and tears went into it.

    Hope you enjoy

    DUDE were's my car

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    Right, a lot of work all right. I got cream-crackered just imagining how much sweat went into all that. Not a bad little piece of ‘before & after’.

    I’d like to see some human activity though. There must have been some funny moments as you got through it all. Nice place you have there.

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    Thanks tony

    The video was a side thing we did and forgot to put on alot of the time. Yep there were some really funny moments all the way through, the thing is i am no expert and learning by doing in DIY can sometimes be very expencive. There was alot of things we did wrong but it turned out great in the end. But i will never do it again.
    DUDE were's my car

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