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Thread: First Vid: Runnin the Table

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    Hey hows it goin, Im a freshman college student who is just about to start taking film classes this spring. I got a new camera for christmas and was itching to use it so here's a little thing i threw together.

    There's some other funny video's on my youtube name that me and my friends made, but nothing serious. Hopefully in a few months i will have some real videos to post.

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    Hmmmm i didn't really understand the pool video it didn't really grab my attention but hey its start no one is perfect i mean i guess its because i don't play pool i don't really care for it. But anyway just have fun with it man. Like i started here and learn alot of here so you'll get it going good for you
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    As a blues guitar lover, I couldn’t help but like this. Suited the subject very well. A great little piece of imaginative video, and nicely edited.

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    Haha, thanks man, i did it in probubly an hour. I was just wanting to play with m new toy. I didn't even go into it haveing an idea of what i was going to do.

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