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Thread: Panasonic GS300/500 Competitor?

  1. Question Panasonic GS300/500 Competitor?

    Spent most of my day researching what camcorder to buy as my first. So far have ruled out HDD. I also wonder if HD is gonna be a useful as I won't have a HD TV for a good 12 months and HD DVD recorders and players are not widely available/affordable at the moment. Seems I would be buying too much "future" technology for my cash. I am swinging towards either the Panasonic GS300 (approx 390) or GS500 (approx 560).

    Are there any other cameras I should think of? What are the views of spending the extra 170 on the GS500 above the GS300?

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    Get the cheaper one. What will the more expensive one do better for you? That is the question. Dont be swayed by reviews and specs, it's all mumbo jumbo in my view. Go and try them out and buy the one that looks / feels / performs well to your eye. Reviewers are all whores in the pay of the magazine who are in the pay of the advertisers whose camcorders they review.

    Only buy the more expensive one if you think it performs / feels better. Go and try them out, any decent shop should let you compare them. I have a camera that was once 4000 new, and another that was 150 quid off ebay very s/h - I honestly bet that most people wouldnt care and couldnt tell the difference between stuff shot on them after some editing.

    I think all DV cameras, just about all, are bloody amazing.

    I think you are right to avoid H drive cameras, and hdv is of no value to most people at present.

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    Cheers for that reply mate - I am new to the camcorder market so can easily get lead by all the stats. I will certainly go into a shop and try before I buy.

    The things that lead me towards the GS500 was the bigger CCD's, 1/4.7 compared to the 1/6 of the GS300. I thought that this would give better indoor low light performance which would be good for me with a baby playing inside. Is this the case?

    Also, how much better is the true 16:9 ratio the GS500 offers over the "untrue" 16:9 cropped ratio the GS300 offers? My TV is widescreen so won't this give a wider view picture at the lens' max wide angle?

    The only other consideration is the manual focus ring at the front of the GS500. Being inexperienced, how useful is this?

    Cheers, Mark

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