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Thread: WinFast TV2000 XP Expert capture card

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    Default WinFast TV2000 XP Expert capture card

    Ok not sure if you guys will be able to help, and its not really anything to do with video capture so feel free to delete the thread.

    I was just wondering if the card in the title would allow me to plug a ps2 into it to allow me to use it on my p.c monitor?



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    I've got the TV2000XP Expert, and yes, you can play your PS2 on your monitor. But first, take some special steps:

    1. Gather up the box and accessories that came with the card
    2. Find the receipt
    3. Package it all up
    4. Take it back to the store and demand a refund

    In my opinion, the card is junk. Picture quality on RF input is grainy at best; composite (RCA) inputs are as well. The S-Video input, in addition, is NOT S-Video quality. It looks a LOT like composite.

    But, if you're too stubborn to get a new card, here's what you do:

    1. Hook up the RCA plugs on the PS2 to the RCA inputs on the TV2000XP (You should have gotten a little cable that has S-Video and 3 RCA on one end, and what sort of looks like S-Video on the other for this purpose).

    2. Open WinfastPVR

    3. Turn on your PS2

    3. On the remote controller, press "Video" at the top. Change it until the screen says something like "CVBS." You should now see the output from your PS2

    4. Set the software to full screen

    5. Enjoy playing games on perhaps the greatest gaming console ever.

    If you'r in a creative mood, you can also record footage of your games by pressing record on the remote, then editing it and making a nice little trailer in the included editing software. I'm currently working on doing just that for one of my games for extra credit in a video editing class I'm taking in school.

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    Hi thanks for the advice,

    Is the card really that bad? if so can you advice me on a card to get for around the same price, all i really want to do is capture TV and play the ps2 on the p.c for when the other tv is being used.

    Thanks for the help

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    Well, there's the problem: At this price range, you're not going to find anything much better. The best TV cards are made by Hauppauge, but those cost upwards of $80 (if you got your card for over $80, you were totally ripped off).

    If you're stuck in this price range, I recommend a card from Compro. Their card costs a bit more but I've heard that it has better quality.

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