Hello all - after some advice on a buying my first camcorder - have around 650 to spend on the right one - I can happily spend less if there is a corker out there!

I like good quality images - this is most important. Secondly size is important (you know what they say!) needs to be portable.

Been doing some research into 3CCD cameras like the JVC GZ-MC505. Are there any other contenders I should consider? Is the lower end of the 3CCD market worth it? would I be better getting a good single CCD camera?

What are your views on Hard disk cameras? what other formats are worth considering? will these formats be around for a while or is hard disk the future?

HD cameras? does High definition make a difference? I will be upgrading to a HD TV in the next 12 months - is it worth thinking of a HD camcorder?

All opinions welcome