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Thread: Questions On Xvid & Divx Codecs

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    Default Questions On Xvid & Divx Codecs

    first of all if you code your vid using xvid or divx codec does this mean your vid format
    must always be in avi format ?

    2. If I download a vid file that was coded with xvid and I do not have the xvid codec installed on my pc, does that mean none of my vid players will play the vid ?

    3. I noticed there's different versions of these 2 codecs from v1 to 6.9 or something.
    If I download the free version from does that mean the codec
    automaticcaly deletes itself after 15 days ?

    why do I have to download all those extras from when I only want the codec ?

    5. If I download divx codec Version 5 from another site besides will virtualdub
    still recognise it ?

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    1. AVI is a generic 'wrapper' for playback of video content on Windows. It enables playback of encoded video under windows, so yes to encode with an MPEG4 codec such as Xvid or DivX means your video will be the AVI format. You can of course give it the extension .mp4, but it will still be an AVI file.

    2. Yes, and no. Because Xvid is a form of MPEG4 most MPEG4 codecs will play it. I only have a few codecs installed on my system, but can play more or less everything.

    3. Don't bother with DivX. Get yourself a copy of Xvid which will playback the content

    4. Because DivX is payware and they need to make money from you.

    5. Xvid will serve your purposes just as well.

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    Thank you for the info.

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