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Thread: Mirror effect at bottom of screen after capture

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    Default Mirror effect at bottom of screen after capture

    Hello to all. Video capture is new to me, but I do know a bit about camcorders and PC's. I have lots of Hi8 accumulated that I never did get round to editing. So to make a (slow) start I thought I would get it all off Hi8 tape and on to HD / DVD. So my main objective is to simply to get the footage off the tape, and into a digital file, which I will have a go at editing some time in the future.

    Having read a little about it on this site, I have splashed out on a Canopus ADVC100. I have connected my Sony TR3200 to the ADVC via S video and composite sound cables. The output of the converter goes to the PC via a firewire cable. The PC is Athlon XP2400+, 512MB DDR, 128MB ATi Radeon, Windows XP home service pack 2.

    I have tried a test copy of about 15 minutes, using the Windows movie maker, which seemed to go all right. My problem is when I play the resultant file back on screen, there is a sort of shimmering mirror effect on the very bottom of the screen. The rest of the picture is fine. It is only is about a mm or two, but just spoils the whole thing really. I don't want to copy all these tapes, only to find I could have avoided this defect with a simple fix.

    Another thing that may help is I have noticed exactly the same effect when copying VHS tape to dvd on a Sharp VHS/DVD combi. When I play that DVD back, there is a mirror/shimmer at the bottom mm or two of screen.

    If any one can throw some light on this strange effect, it could sve me a lot of time and hassle.

    Happy New Year to all.


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    It's probably not a fault with the ADVC, but rather evident on the source material. You'll find that this won't be seen on playback on a TV due to overscan. You can either crop these rogue pixels in after capture or I believe something like iuVCR will let you crop as you capture.

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    Thank you very much Marc for your time in replying to this, especially over the Christmas season. I'm cheered up by your mention of cropping after capture. This means that I could go ahead and copy it, and as long as I can crop slightly on editing, then thats fine. Don't know how you do that yet, but hopefuly it will be clear when I need it. As in any unfamiliar area, there seems a lot to learn. Forums such as this are just amazing really. So much info from so many helpful and 'clued up' people. I've no doubt got many more questions which will probably seem a bit basic to most.... but we all have to start somewhere. Thank goodness for the internet.
    I look at my 7 year old boy on the internet, and I just don't think he realises how lucky he is ... Why did'nt we have this when I was a lad?? ... and mobile phones! Sorry ... waffling now .... too much Christmas Port. Cheers to you Marc, and all of you. Alan.

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