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Thread: Vegas Capture Utility - visible interlace lines

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    Exclamation Vegas Capture Utility - visible interlace lines

    I've been capturing from a Canon MV960 (DV) through firewire using the in-built capture utility in Vegas 7.

    This works fine but Vegas tells me that there are a few dropped frames, but doesn't say in which clips and when. When I play back the clips I can see the dropped frames, but there are only about 5 in 10 minutes of footage, so I can live with that but would like to remove them. The other problem is that there are 'interlacing lines' (is that the right term?) during movement. When a person moves, the edges of them go lined. I know my DV cam shoots interlaced footage rather than progressive scan, but I didn't think you were meant to see the interlacing after capture?

    Do I need to de-interlace it or something like that, my target output is likely to be DVD (90% of the time) or DV-Tape if that makes any difference.

    My only other question was is it best to use the in-built capture utility in Vegas or a more light-weight specialised one like WinDV?


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    Firstly seeing as your target is DVD, don't worry about the lines showing up during movement, they wont when played back on a TV. As for the frames dropping, well several things can cause this, when capturing make sure your volume is low (just personal favorite as it works for me), turn off any virus checkers, firewalls 3rd party disk management utilities or screen savers likelyto kick in when capturing.

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    Another cause of dropping frames (apart from a corrupted tape of course) is being close to your limit of storage hard-drive wise, and a failure to defrag regularly.

    You can set capture to stop on detection of dropped frames which I guess would help.

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    Also - open the task manager - look at the cpu performance when capturing, if it goes to 100% that will cause dropped frames too.

    Make sure you dont do anything else with your pc whilst capturing and make the capture screen small if it isnt already, ie dont undock it and enlarge.

    I found with my very old pc xp1700, I had to be very carefull of stopping back ground tasks and actually had to reset to garuntee and good result, with my next pc xp3000 I just had to be a bit carefull, not open any new programs, and with my current pc, core duo 2.16 I have to try really hard to get a dropped frame.

    Vegas will also report a dropped frame if the problem is on the tape - you can check this by looking at the replay on the camcorder. If the frames are dropped on the tape then it amy be time to clean the heads or use a new tape if it is very old.

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    It's definitely not the camera so probably a computer problem. It's not that bad - a Athlon 2.0GHz with 1.5Gigs of RAM. In terms of space I've got over 20Gigs free (but am hoping for a new hard-drive soon dedicated to video capture.)

    I'll try again next time after eliminating all unnecessary programmes. It didn't matter too much as I just cut the parts with the dropped frames and worked around it.

    Does Vegas have any advanced frame dropping tools to help analyse the problem? All it tells me is 'there are dropped frames - live with ith'

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