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Thread: i cant upload video

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    Default i cant upload video

    my very nice girlfriend just bought me a sony dcr-dvd105e problem is i cant get the recorded footage to save on a computor and hence cant upload to a site like youtube.
    it seems to be the wrong file 'ifo' i think
    it plays ok on the dvd drive on the computor but its not uploading.
    i dont understand the option on the camera of video or vr.i mainly want to use the camera for car related things if thats any good to you.
    thanks and merry xmas

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    The video files on your DVD camcorder will be VOB files (the ifo files are 'information' about the video). You will need to convert these to a suitable format first. You camcorder should have come with software to do this, most probably straight from the camera. DVD camcorders typically have only a USB connection, which means the transfer may well be a) slow and b) less than a perfect copy.

    If you want to convert the VOB files to something else (such as an AVI file with DivX compression) there are a number of prpogrammes. I suggest youy try Fair Use Wizard 2.

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    thanks very much for that program there,just installed it and its seems to be the one to use.

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