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    Default Army radio

    Can anyone tell me how I can make my voice sound like it is coming through an army radio like on the movies?
    I have ADobe Audition, Premier Pro 2, Sound Forge.

    Also where could i get a sound effect of an artillery strike in the distance?

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    I don't use your software, so all I can do is describe the basics.

    If you can find a 'telephone' filter setting, try it first.

    If not, first pass the audio through a 300Hz high-pass, an 18dB/octave slope is fine.

    Then pass it through a 3000Hz low-pass, 18dB/octave.

    Next, normalize the amplitude to 100%

    Apply a 50% clip.

    Pass through a 3000Hz low-pass again.

    The last step is optional, pass through a 3000Hz highpass, 6dB/octave. Some radio coms have this sort of tinny filter applied so the voice is understandable in high ambient noise conditions, like a ship's engine room.

    Artillery is just fireworks booms, downshifted a half octave or more and amplified a little.
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    Ok Thanks I'll try that out.

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