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    I have recenly acquired one on thoses Medion PC's with Power Producer Gold pre-installed. I have started migrating my video collection onto DVDs and until recently all was going fine. Now I have a problem that Power Producer Gold will not burn the audio track with the film.
    The sound in there on the original file and PPG will actually play the sound in the preview screen, but once you get to the storyboard screen the sound is gone and it only burns the video not the audio.

    Anybody got any ideas? Please help.


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    Hi Roman,

    Yesterday was my first try out with Power Producer (on a Medion 40100) - tried to import an already edited DV through the Fire Wire port - only the first frames were retained on the clip board - imported the DV using Windows Movie Maker and then back to Power Producer to burn the DVD - same problem as you: NO SOUND - Normally I work only on the iMac or iBook (no DVD burner) and may be I was doing something wrong.

    Any tips are welcome (if I find out what the cause was Roman, I will let you know through this forum)

    Good luck,


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