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    Hi could someone give me an idea on how much it would cost me to have 3 hrs of Mini Dv tape edited to 1hr 30 min to include transitions & background music & a DVD menu.

    Also 20 copies of the dvd with covers.

    Then how much would it cost me per dvd after that.?

    Thanks John
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    In Oz for a professional, top-quality job you'd be looking at anywhere from $A2000-$A6000+ for the editing alone depending on their hourly rate and what was required. However, I do know people that would think they'd won the lottery if you paid them $A300 for a job like that. You'd probably get the dvd creation thrown in for free if you supplied the music or wanted royalty free stuff. Royalties for music can cost hundreds or even thousands if you need certain tunes. DVD duplication and printing of a single front jewel case insert would be in the $A8-10/disk range because of the low print run.

    Hope that helps.

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