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Thread: Please Help.time Is Of The Essence

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    Exclamation Please Help.time Is Of The Essence

    I Am Editing A Video For A Major Company, I Admit I Have Little Exp. I Am Useing Premiere Pro And A Sapphire Cloud Plug-in, How Do I Get The Clouds To Appear Behind The Subject In The Clip Instead Of Around Him. Please Help And Sorry If This Is A Easy Question

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    Was the subject recorded against a single coloured background, for example green or blue? If it was then it is easy to remove the background and insert the clouds behind. The only downside is if your subject is wearing the same colour then it will also become transparent. You can use either Chromakeying or Colour keying. If the subject was shot against a multicoloured background or changing background then it will be more difficult to remove it.

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    Do you have access to After Effects?

    If itís just one figure isolated against the clouds, itís possible to drop out your existing background. And if the figure doesnít move a lot, it can be relatively easy.

    Iíve been doing just this with AE 7 using the pen tool to create masks for body, arms and head, and because the figure doesnít move much, keyframing each mask to each movement need only be done every 3 frames or so. This makes it much quicker than rotoscoping every frame.

    Once done, you can overlay this onto the clouds piece. Might be worth googling for a tutorial, Iím not sure whether thereís one on Adobeís website.

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