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    I am in the process of learning how to make football highlight videos. I purchased a hard drive camcorder and software to get started. I am comfortable with what I am doing so far when I am transferring from the hard drive to the editing software and going from there.

    My question is this. How do I transfer VHS tapes that I receive from coaches and possibly DVD game tapes into my software. I tried hooking my connector cables up to my VCR and tried copying to my camcorder, but I am obviously not doing something right.

    I am new at this, but very interested so I would appreciate any help you guys could provide.

    Thank You.

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    Firstly I wouldn't have purchased a Hard Drive camcorder as they are much lower quality than Mini DV and they don't have the external connections a Mini DV camcorder has. In order to copy the VHS tapes you will need some sort of analogue capture card to fit inside the computer or an external breakout box that will probably have a USB connection and give a less than satisfactory picture. In essesence, sell your Hard Drive camcorder and purchase a Mini DV camcorder instead as it has analogue connections which should allow you to use it as a pass through device and the Mini DV is connected to the computer with Firewire which gives the best picture quality. Also the video file format on Hard Drive camcorders is difficult to edit to say the least. When you say you tried connecting up your connector cables to your VCR, what do you mean by that, what was on the other end of the connector cables? What spec of computer do you have?


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