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Thread: Music for Dark / Evil Atmosphere?

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    Lightbulb Music for Dark / Evil Atmosphere?

    I'm starting to get more into the important of audio in video, but possess limited musical talent. The free sound effect guide (top post of this board) is fantastic for finding noises and sounds, but I'm struggling to find FREE quality backing tracks. I know these are usually specific to each film / production, but even generic ones can really make your video stand out.

    I'm particularly interested at the moment in free short audio clips (sub 30s ish, but obviously longer ones can be cut to suit) to play over 'the baddies' introduction scene. The traditional video game villain music is fantastic - The Panther King introduction from Conker Live and Reloaded for the Xbox for example, as Rare have that mp3 on the site.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew any other good music (and where to get hold of it) that would go well to really bring out the bad side of a character and create a dark atmosphere, but with a slightly fun aspect of it (the stereotypical video game villain.)

    This could also form a very good resource to the SFX guide - a backing music guide so the less-musical film-makers can concentrate on the video and just download a nice score or little atmosphere boost as required.

    Thanks for any ideas

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    Assuming it's not for profit / non commercial how about some of the work of enrico morricone, he did the music for all those great spagetti western films that were full of baddies.

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    Yes, it's non-profit and non-commercial so using commercial and already made music is no problem, I'll check out enrico now - thanks!

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