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Thread: I need SERIOUS help A.S.A.P

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    Default I need SERIOUS help A.S.A.P

    Right so i am recording this online video game called Gunz and making a video of it. Ive got all the clips which were recorded with fraps edited up in adobe premier elements 2.0 and after saving it i went to export it as a windows media player file from the export menu. The problem is when it gets to frame 222 (the exact number each time i retry it) an error box comes up saying -

    There was an Error with you Video
    [\dev\underdog\MediaLayer\Src\MediaCache\VideoSourc eFrameCache.cpp-100]

    I have the settings to 320x240 frame size, 30 FPS and on a twice pass through the rendering. The video is only 2.48 minutes long. When i tried to export the file as a .avi file it stopped and came up with a different error box saying it could not compile the movie. But weirdly when i save it as quicktime .mov it finishes the rendering but unfortunately produces a bad quality video with out of sync music. I really want to have the video in .wmv so can somebody please help me!

    P.S i do not know if this might be of relevance but when i was still editing the video it randomly closed Premier Elements down just after it had auto saved. When i reloaded Premier Elements i clicked on the file and it loaded my saved copy which was half as done as the auto saved copy, i then had to go through the adobe folder in my documents and find the last auto save in the auto save folder.


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    It could be a corrupted frame in the video - try cutting out frames 221, 222 & 223 then re render see if that sorts it


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