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Thread: How to get 8mm to your computer

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    Anyone know how I can get 8mm tape to my computer? A guy sent me some footage to edit and he sends me a little 8 mm tape and no vhs converter to transfer it to a dvd. Am I going to have to find a 8mm camera to use? It's a real pain. Thanks for the help
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    Ya, that's about the size of it. You will need a playback device so it will be a camera or a 8mm deck. There is no convertor shell that will let a 8mm play in a VHS. It's not the same format.

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    If you have a second-hand store in your neighbourhood, get down there and buy one from them. They sell old 8mm camcorders for cheap now that even DV prices have got so bargain basement.

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    I had a pile of old 8MM and Hi8 tapes that I wanted to transfer onto DVD aswell so I purchased an old Canon model, it did the job. I used the S-Video out for the Hi 8 material and stuck to composite for the 8MM low band stuff. Have the same analogue connections on my computer, thankfully but just watch out if you have to rewind the tapes. The Canon I used didn't slow the tapes down and so I ended up with the tape being yanked out of the rightside reel on a number of tapes. I can't find anyone who can reinsert the tape into the rightside reel so a few tapes are lying here now not being able to be transferred. The actual tape is fine, it's just a matter of finding someone or someway of reattaching the tape to the right side reel again.

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