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Thread: I wanted to share my first video.

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    Default I wanted to share my first video.

    Hey guys, first post here. I was looking for a good digital editing forum via Google, and ran across this one. Looks to be a somewhat happening place, and provides the forums I was looking for, so I hope my stay is a long one.

    To get my membership kicked off, I want to share my first production, and get some feedback for the next episode. My friends and I are really excited about this project, and although it's only a hobby for us and something to do for fun, I hope we're able to entertain others out there in the process.

    Let me know what you guys think! If you have a YouTube account, feel free to rate the video and leave a comment.

    The equipment used was a Panasonic GS300 MiniDV cam, edited with Premier Pro 2.0. You guys will see me in the Premier section as well.

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    This is a difficult one... I'm baseing my opinion of this on my own preferences of comedy. I like this style of comedy. its based on what works ina comedy enviorment. It doesnt quite work. I can see that your are aiming for belly laughter but it jus doesn't quite cut it.
    You have fallen into a trap. That trap being one of a few things! Some of the gagas seem like "in jokes" - jokes that only your circle of friends would find funnier than most because of whatever references you associate with them. Secondly; its a "you had to be there" moment. I can see that when you did this some of the gags were probably very funny when you did them but it does not stretch out for your audience.
    Another thing is that it all feels way to staged! It feels like you've all said - Hey lets be funny and record it" this is a difficult one to get over but once done it would improve the whole sequence. Unfortunatley it relies on better acting which takes practice!

    I apologies if this seems harsh. I'm jus being honest. Comedy is very difficult to do and its especially difficult to extend it to a cold audience(people you dont know). What I will say though is that it was not all bad. I did giggle a bit here and there. What i would recommend is to watch more shows that follow this style. Study them, analyse them and look at all the aspects of them to help you improve your own formula.

    I think the main thing is to not try so hard to be funny! its apparent that you guys are already quite a funny bunch and always up for a giggle. Show your natural comedy and avoid creating comedy for the sake of it!

    Good luck with the next one!

    On another note - Did i see a sign for Lexington? is that Lexington VA?
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