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    I am having some strange problems uploading my pole vault videos. I'm using windows movie aker, since all I want is slow motion, but when I ask it to capture from the camera it doesn't recognize that I have it hooked up. I'm using aregular firewire and the camera is set to player. It's really strange because it worked yesterday. I tried restarting but still no luck. Has anyone else experienced these problems or know how to fix it?

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    Firstly WMM doesn't offer slowmotion as far as i can remember, it's just a very basic video editor. Are you sure you are using Firewire and not USB check again, what is the spec of your computer and have you taken off or installed any new drivers or other files in the meantime. What make of camera do you have?

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    WMM does in fact have slow-mo, but what I really meant was I like to use it because I can look at the video frame by frame. I know I'm using the firewire port because it doesn't fit into the usb ports. Strangely, it would not recognize my new camera (DXG using the usb port) and it would not recognize my phone until I used the port in the back. Both had the drivers installed that came with the software for each. Sometimes I have this problem with my mp3 player, but my brother's Zune worked flawlessly. As for specs of the computer? umm windows xp, still a lot of free space. The only drivers I know of that were installed when I first had the problem is the one for the printer. I don't know 'm still conused.

    P.S. the original, mini-dv camera is a samsung.

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