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Thread: Movie will not play in all DVD players

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    Default Movie will not play in all DVD players

    Hi gang,

    I did a 25 minute highlight video of my sons basketball season in Premier Pro and used Encore to set up a menu. It is an Mpeg-2 format. It plays 100% of the time on my laptop and will play on some DVD players but not others. :( I have a new Sony DVD player that it will not work on. My son has a Toshiba that it plays fine on. It will also play on X-Boxes and Playstations. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Not all DVD players are happy playing all DVD writable media. Some players will happily play one disc, another will refuse. Annoying, huh? You'll have to expirement with different brands - some are more compatible than others.
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    I'd just like to add that as well as incompatible media brands it may simply be a case of incompatible media format as well. i.e. Check with the manufacturer to see if the DVD player is compatible with DVD-R (or whatever format of disk you've made).

    If the player doesn't like DVD-R's at all then there's little point trying different brands eh?

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    Problem can be set by VBR situation ou high bitrate - out of DVD specification - 9.8 Mbps for video and audio together in the max preset...

    Try to use CBR setting and bitrate up to 8 Mbps for MPEG2 - and WAV or Dolby Digital Audio

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