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Thread: Newwww system for meeee

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    Default Newwww system for meeee

    So, afer getting my new system sorted, I'll be well on my way to getting involved in video editing again.

    Editing on a 1.7GHz P4 was making me want to chew my own head off.

    Initially, I shall be buying:

    Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 (plus a motherboard that I haven't yet decided on)
    1GB DDR2 RAM (I plan to upgrade the RAM at a later date)
    320GB 16MB cache SATA300 Hard Drive
    PCI-E 7300 or 7600 video card (256 or 512MB, haven't decided yet)
    Plus a new case and PSU of some kind.

    I'll be using some bits out of my old PC, namely the DVDRW drive and one of the IDE hard drives (160GB 8MB cache)

    I'm on a tight budget, so none of the specs can change at the moment.

    Anyway, enough waffle - What I do need to know though is, with regard to video editing and using seperate drives, would I get better performance using the SATA300 as a boot drive and the IDE as a video drive or vice versa?

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    Good question... er... kind of hypothesising here, I should think the sata as sys will give smoother d top performance, faster loading of apps, closing of windows and stuff, but running the faster drive for video will prob make editing less clunky.

    There again, all that glitters aint gold, I recently b marked all my drives with sisoft sandra and the results were interesting to say the least...

    My 'best' drive was impressive, a 10000 rpm raptor, fastest access time and 52mb / s transfer.

    My next best drives are my 400/16 and 320/8 satas, slower access and 55 mb / s.

    Finally my 'old' and 'slow' 250gig ide drive that lives in a caddy for backup - haha - same acess times as the 'fast' 300 satas and the transfer rate was 60 mb /s....! ! !

    I am no teccy expert but it seems to me the motherboard is what counts, and the other parts of the system rather than the drive specs - that old drive b marked much slower in my old xp3000.

    I am sure you will be in editing heaven with that core duo, they just rule, it's so cool to tell the pc to let one core do rendering whilst you carry on editng on the pther - really is like having 2 pcs, or one very fast one.

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