Hi experts, so the subject almost says it all.

Now I have a hi-quality 640x480 Quicktime animation of a 3D building project in 30 FPS quality - Sorensen 3 codec. I want to convert this to DVD MPEG 2 PAL format of 720x576 pixels.

Whenever I do this, with each program I tried:

1) I get stuttering playback
2) Image is garbled and jagged

I understand the stuttering is due to the deletion of 1 frame every 6 seconds. Is there a possibility to make the movie longer, so I wouldn't lose any frames and have a smooth playback? It doesn't have any sound, so that doesn't matter.

The second thing is scaling the movie to 720x576 - this looks downright ugly in Premiere (or am I doing something wrong) In ULEAD Videostudio this looks better, but the stutters remain... Maybe another converting program?

Anybody got any ideas?