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Thread: Grouping question . . . have pity

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    Default Grouping question . . . have pity

    Please Dear God . . . Help Me. I've searched the term "grouping" to avoid multiple noob posts, nothing applicable.

    How, oh how the hell do I attach, group, stick, clump, congregate a section of timeline and drag the entire section down to an earlier spot? I have text, overlay, video, voice and music that just needs to slide down as one happy family, but I can't seem to figure out how to move anything without having to individually move each element separately and try to line it up as it was before.

    I've tried highlighting everything I want to move and hitting 'G' to group. I've also tried going to edit > group > create new, but 'create new' is greyed out and cannot be selected. This must be possible! There must be some way!!!

    I've used other timeline programs for music recording and animation before and the same concept has been very simple. You just unlock the layers, left click-drag to highlight, then drag the selection wherever you want. . . simple, simple, simple. So what do I do in Vegas? Can I delete the empty space on the timeline?

    Do I have something selected that I need to unselect? Vice versa?



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    There is a selection edit tool on the bar at the top. Click that, drag a box around all the parts you want to move and then.... move them. Click back on normal edit to resume normal service.

    You can also hold ctrl, click each piece individually and once you have them selected, move them again.

    You can also do as above, then right click and select group, add to. (I think thats the command, I'm not on my editing comp at the moment)

    Hope this sorts it out for you

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    This does help tremendously. Thanks!


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    If you hit the "D" key your mouse will cycle through its various modes. when you get a pointer with a dotted box around it - that's the selection tool, jus click and drag around the clips you want then select your normal mouse mode and move em!

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