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Thread: Imroving grainy images.

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    Default Imroving grainy images.

    To make this easier I would like to post a small clip of the digital footage I have that I would like to improve. Unfortunately, I'm not sure of an easy way to do this because any video uploaded on google/youtube is instantly terrible quality. Is there any way that I could post a small clip here to show exactly what I"m talking about?

    If not, my question is one of fuzziness. I have some footage but the walls seem to be really fuzzy, a tattoo on one of the charactrers is pixilated like crazy for some reason and there's a general fuzziness to the whole thing. It was shot in focus it's just that the images aren't very solid.

    What should I be fooling with to fix this?

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    Not sure you can upload it here. Have you no home web site you canplace it on for us to see?

    However... from yoru description it look slike the clip has either been digitally zoomed and lost defintion or has been exported at a very low bitrate. Either will lose details and no amount of tinkering will get it back I'm afraid.

    Have you still got the original tape in the camcorder. bets to recapoture it and start from the beginning.

    Of course, Imight change this opinion once I;ve seen it.

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    Thank you for the reply.

    Hmm, no I think it's just the resolution of the camera. It's definitely not zoomed in and we used a fire wire to capture.

    We wanted the less-than-stellar digital look for our movie anyway but sometimes--on people's tattoos, woodgrain walls, metal objects--it seems to pixilate a bit. Also it's fuzzy, like little tiny pixels popping in an out of existence when you look up close.

    I think I'll have to try and hook up a website here to show you what I mean.

    What I guess I want to do is just make some of the images look smoother but I'm not sure what the best route is.

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