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Thread: please some Guidance from an expert

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    Default please some Guidance from an expert

    This is my first large project, which needs a lot of editing; Camera man would film the back of someone head… fast turn from seen to seen ECT. Can you give me some advice on the best way to start, should I eliminate the junk first? Should I start at frame one and edit frame by frame, Also do you no of a form or a guide that I could use to help with my note keeping.. Something organized?

    Thank you

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    Frame by frame would prove a tad tedious . The best way to start organising yourself and cut the crap is to capture only what you need. Don't simply capture the whole tape, but capture "scenes" and give them meaningful names when you save.

    Aditionally, divide your video into logical parts and group scenes in the bins accordingly. If you really want to organise yourself, create a storyboard.

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