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Thread: Best camcorder for 200-250?

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    Default Best camcorder for 200-250?

    Gah, sorry, will post in correct forum ;_;
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    Default Best camcorder for 200-250?

    I'm a student whose interested in getting into film making - only I have a budget of max 250 to get a camera. Computer equipment isnt a problem as my school's media department have said I can use all their macs and other equipment for free on-site - its just a camcorder I need.

    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

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    I'm not going to recommend a specific camera but you should loook for/consider the following...

    1) Make sure it's Mini DV for editting.
    2) Make sure it has a firewire connector
    3) Make sure you can turn off any digital zoom on camera so that you only use optical zoom.
    4) Consider what 'manual' controls are important to you. Point and shoot is great a bunch of the time but if you take things even halfway serious you will want to overide things like exposure and focus some of the time.
    5) Ideally you will be able to plug in an external microphone.

    I imagine you can do most of this nowadays for that budget.

    More if/when I think of it.


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