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Thread: Advice on microphones please

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    Default Advice on microphones please

    I am using a panasonic NV-GS150EB mostly in outdoor settings often noisy. The sound quality from the in-built microphone is grim and dominated by background noise. I tried a 50 camera mounted microphone but with no improvement. Is it possible to get a camera mounted directional mike that works without spending a fortune? Any recommendations?

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    i have a rode video mic... they are about 80 and quite good in noise <-this is the mic.

    well worth getting more info on other mics as well!

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    I have a rode, much better than internal mic, but I wouldnt reccomend it as the rubber band suspension is crap and soon breaks - also the output on the rode is very high, seems to need a line in not a mic in - no prob it you have it but one of my cameras doesnt. I suggest spending a bit more and getting the sen 300, I wish I had.

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    Thanks for the advice.
    sen 300? Is that a headset mike? Or have I found the wrong thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Ritchie View Post
    Thanks for the advice.
    sen 300? Is that a headset mike? Or have I found the wrong thing?
    That would be one of these.

    I did a google search and amazon was simply the first good match. no other reason for it being an amazon link.

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