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Thread: Just wondering Easiest way to get this effect

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    Default Just wondering Easiest way to get this effect

    Hey guys, first time poster, long time reader! Hi =)

    Got a question for ya's.

    You ever watch a movie, or say, a music video, and its in Black and white. And something happends, and one object is in color?

    Basically ive been shooting a Horror movie for the last 7 months *yah, was supposed to take 1 month, but, you know how that goes"

    Everything is going great, i shot it in black and white, since its very fitting, and also, it made lighting a whole heck of alot easier.

    Now i got a scene where someone gets jacked up with a knife, and blood goes flying on the wall. The blood flying and splat on that wall picked up great on film, but id love it to be red. Everything else black and white, and the blood flying on the wall in a red.

    Just for reference, I Shot in color, then converted in black and white. The actual liquid thrown was NOT red, it was a black mixture i made.

    Any ideas guys on what software and what method to do?
    I suspect i will have to do it frame by frame, which isnt a problem, i got plenty of time, i just, dont know how to do it haha

    Thanks guys and gals


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    I think you will have to do it frame by frame. As I started reading your post I started thinking, "Oh no, if he had filmed in colour he could have simply applied a colour pass filter and kept the red" But then later you said that the blood wasn't red but black so I think you are down to dopign it frame by frame (rotoscoping it). But you might also be able to get away with keyframing a mask in something like After Effects and then adding the colour to that.

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    Default rotoscoping

    Rotoscoping? never done that before?
    what kinda software do u recommend for doing that? also, any where i can get a good tutorial on doing so?

    sorry, i know this is broad

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    think alans spot on there, but maybe, depending on what other colors are in the footage you could appy a 'colour match' effect and match black with red, and then apply a colour pass effect.. but I think the chances of this working are slim, and even slimer when black is involed, but maybe worth a shot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyMurder View Post
    Rotoscoping? never done that before?
    what kinda software do u recommend for doing that?
    You can do it in AE or even photoshop. Basically you 'hand paint' the effect into each and every frame. It's mind-numbingly tedious. To quote a colleague of mine, 'that's why we pay the guys in China to do it.' I've only bothered to do it the once because in my experience it's cheaper in time and money to completely reshoot the piece 'properly' than to rotoscope it. YMMV.

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    Yeah, sure is a shame that this great idea for a shot has come in as an afterthought during the esit stage. It certainly would have been easier to plan the shot with the effect in mind but never mind.

    If it's blood splatter though then I'm assuming it is only a short clip of a couple of seconds or do you intend to recolour the blood splatter oint he wall (or wherever) in every scene/shot afterwards as well? If it's just a couple of seconds then you'll be able to paint each frame in a reasonable timescale.

    just remember thought that if you use a graphic poackage like Photoshop then do not simply 'paint' on the original image but use the pen tool to create your 'mask' on new layers. Save your 'project' as a Photoshop file and save as back as the format for your edit. That way you can revisit the 'project' later without having to redo it all because a few odd frames were wrong.

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    I remember seeing a Wrigley tutorial for this. It's written for Premiere 6.0, but I'm sure you could do ii in later versions:

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    Default plesantville efffect

    I saw an item in (episode 46) that describes exactly what you want, he calls it "The Plesantville effect" he uses Finalcut pro. to do it. I am not sure how to do it any other vid editors. Hope this helps. If you have never been to I suggest you check it out

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