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Thread: Wambo’s Video Competition-$1500

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    Default Wambo’s Video Competition-$1500

    The company:
    We are happy to offer you the unique opportunity to work for a fun company named Wambo. Our product is a group messenger that lets you IM multiple friends at once and share files quickly and easily, even while being offline.

    The challenge:
    Be creative. Be part of this exciting project to produce a commercial for Wambo.

    The prize:
    1st place: $1,500USD
    2nd place: $1,000USD
    3rd place: $500USD

    The rules:
    Other than mentioning other companies, we have no rules. Think outside the box! Your ideas can get as crazy as you want. Oh yah you can produce as many commercials as you would like to increase your chances of winning.

    Our tagline:
    “Wambo, where life goes on”

    Length of video:
    As long as you want. The most important thing is the impact it creates.

    The project date started as soon as you got this letter. We would like you to have a finalized video done by Jan 10th at 11:59PM. We would like the video’s to be submitted in DV format and mpeg to:

    Wambo Inc

    530 Lakeside Drive, Suite 100
    Sunnyvale, CA 94085
    United States

    Or Email it to

    If you have any questions contact Hooman Bamdad at Email me for a link to our private website
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    I got a competition running at Zaskar films too, it's - 'build me a house for free and a car and a JCV HD 210U'.

    So far all the entrys have been made of lego.

    BTW have you heard of that new cool program from m soft called messanger????

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    To be fair mark, He is giving the winner $1,500. But stil be intresting to see how many entrants there are.

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    To be fair it's a cheap advertising stunt and a spammy first (and last probably) post....

    I just might make em an ad, maybe not what they are expecting tho.

    Tagline, "Wambo - where life goes on...." oh please ! WARNING WARNING lifestyle advertising !

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