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Thread: Preserving Timeline Chapter Points

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    Default Preserving Timeline Chapter Points

    Hey, I'm new here...decided to join after searching through this board for a while.

    Anyway I have a question. Using Premier Pro, I have a sequence with about 50 different pieces of video put together. Between each of these I have a chapter point added as a timeline marker. I plan to export and burn this video to a DVD, but I do not know which format to export to in order to preserve the chapter points (absolutely necessary).

    I've tried regular mpeg-2 export and the chapter points aren't recognized in nero when the video is imported.

    Any ideas?

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    I believe chapter point info is recorded on DVDs via the IFO file burnt with the VOBS.

    Additinally, I may be wrong, but I believe the chapter point info created by Premiere Pro on MPEG2 and AVI files can only be intrerpreted by Adobe Encore and NOT third party applications.

    Essentially, if you input your video into another app other than Encore, it won't see the chapters.
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    thanks. oh well...guess I'll need to get a copy of encore from the store. i'll try burning the dvd directly with premier first, although that means no menus.

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