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Thread: New to editting, can someone please help?

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    Default New to editting, can someone please help?

    I used Convertmovie to convert a dvd copy of my daughter's sports game into an edittable (sp?) format. When I opened the converted files with Windows Movie Maker, the clips are choppy and appear to skip every .30 seconds of each frame. Is this the best it's going to get? I wanted to be able to see each frame and edit it freely. Is there a step or program I'm missing to be able to see/edit each frame?

    Any advice I can get will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Try and lay your hands on a copy of WinDVD Creator, it will allow you to open your files on the DVD, I've no idea what the sp? format is. Once in the WinDVD Creator program you can then convert to DV II in either Pal or NTSC depending on your tv system. The DV II format can then be edited a lot easier than the format in which the movie was stored on the DVD disc. If you don't have WinDVD Creator on your computer, thankfully I do (phew!) try downloading a 30 day trial of it.

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