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Thread: Splitting Media into Scenes?

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    Exclamation Splitting Media into Scenes?

    I'm familiar with Pinnacle Studio's useful way of showing footage whereby it splits the large AVI file into clips (i.e. new clip every time the record button on camera was pressed) that can easily be dragged n dropped onto the timeline.

    Is there any such feature in vegas? I've found the trimmer, which lets you select in and out points but I'm really looking for something to split a large file of captured footage into more maneageable and easy to follow scenes.


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    If you open your capture window and go to Options>Preferences>Capture .Theres a check box for 'Enable DV Scene Detection'.

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    I also : Options>Preferences>General "Enable DV device control" too.

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    Thanks, I was looking in the standard preferences, not the special ones in the capture window.

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