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Thread: Missing video content from the video when played on the PC but not when on the TV

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    I was checking one of my videos captured from tape, they look better then with the Dazzle I have to say, in a way there isn't sound distortion coming from the capture device anymore when the tape jumps due to poor recording "skills"... the picture quality seems just a little higher and it doesn't disconnect whenever I turn on the tv. However even though it all looked fine... while watching one of my videos on the pc to compare it with the tv same scene apart from video quality I noticed there was something missing in terms of video content... The text "crossfire" does not show in the pink background as the picture shows below...

    However I know now the information is there, because I soon as I output it to the TV using WINDV.... voala! is there! so my question is:

    1) why is not shown on my PC (even with interlacing artifacts...) but very visible on TV!
    I thought the only displaying difference was the interlacing artifacts not missing content!

    2) how do I view this text on my PC... I imaging better interlacing methods have to be used...
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