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    Hello All,
    I wonder if anyone can help!!!
    I am trying to copy old videos from a pal format VCR to my computer so that i can burn them to DVD.

    My Video has just a scart lead on the back, to which i have connected a scart adapter, this then gives it four connections

    1 [yellow composite video]
    2 Red Audio
    3 White Audio
    4 S-Video in

    My pc has a S-video and a yellow composite plug at the front, and also at the back.

    I have tried connecting the VCR, to the PC by connecting it, S-video to S-video, and composite to composite, and configured the source each time in the software WinDVD
    But I can't capture it, nothing comes on the screen at all.
    I have also tried Nero, and WMM and still no joy!
    Nero does say no device found.

    I can connect an old 8mm video to the front composite plug and it works ok and plays in the capture window.

    When i configure the source in the software it sees the, Asus Capture Card ok, but for some reason it won't recognise the VCR player. I have tried another VCR but still no joy. After several hours, hmm all day nearly i'm now getting fed up, maybe i'm missing the obvious. all help greatly appreciated.


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    Are you sure connection 4 S-Video in on the back of your VCR is S-Video in? If it is, then it won't work as you need S-Video out going to S-Video in on your computer. But is your VCR a VHS model or Super VHS model? If it is only VHS then there is no point using S-Video because the improved picture benefits won't be there in the first instance. Is 1 [yellow composite video]
    an in or out connection?, it needs to be an out connection to take the composite picture signal out from the back of the VCR to the composite in socket on the computer.

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