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Thread: Problem with starting up pro

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    Default Problem with starting up pro

    i just recently got pro 1.5 and i just installed it. when it loads up it goes into this black screen after a while. i can't get out of this black screen and im forced to turn off my computer. any ideas? i've already uninstalled the software a couple times and still the same result happens.

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    Not the same symptom quite but when I laswt installed some Adobe s/w (it happened to be Aftre Effects) it just would not run at all. Went throughteh splash screen and loaded everything (Seemingly) then just dropped out and did nothing.

    The solution was to update my graphics driver. Worth a try. What else do you have runnign at the same time. Try turning eveything else off, including virus s/w. Maybe somethign is competing with it. Also, what are your system specs? Does your PC meet minimum requirements etc etc>

    Sounds hairey though, I'd call Adobe support.

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